Volunteer Information

What Can Volunteers Do?

As a volunteer, you can gain valuable skills, work outdoors, meet new people and see new areas of the country while acheiving a proud sense of contributing to the environment. A Volunteer for the US Army Corps of Engineers is a valuable asset to the Corps but also to all of the present and future visiting public.  Volunteers are provided a camping site with water and electricity at no charge. Below are a few of the opportunities Millwood Lake has to offer volunteers:

-Serve as campground hosts

-Conduct interpretive programs

-Plant flowers and trees

-Staff offices and visitor areas

-Design, build and maintain trails

-Develop and build interpretive displays

-Build and install artificial fish habitat

-Prepare and plant food plots for wildlife

How can I volunteer at Millwood Lake?

Anyone interested in participating in the volunteer program at Millwood Lake may contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 870-898-3343 Ext. 2 or submit an online form through the US Army Corps of Engineers Volunteer Clearinghouse. The Volunteer Clearinghouse is a nationwide program for individuals who are interested in volunteering their time with the Corps of Engineers. Many Park Rangers contact the Clearinghouse in search of volunteers for specific jobs.