Beard’s Lake Trail is a self-guided interpretive nature trail and watchable wildlife boardwalk. Numerous species of wildlife can be seen here, including alligator, deer, wood duck, squirrel, and many others. With over 309 species of birds reported within a 7.5-mile area this is known as one of the best birding sites in Arkansas. It is located inside of the Beard’s Lake Park.

Another natural area is White Cliffs. The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission protects this area because of its ecological, geological, historical, and archaeological significance. This 573-acre site sits just off of the north shore of Millwood Lake and is adjacent to a US Army Corps of Engineers campground. The natural area provides a wealth of opportunities for exploring the natural and cultural heritage of this part of Arkansas. With the exception of a parking lot located west of Hwy. 317, only foot and wheelchair travel is allowed. A 1.4-mile nature trail, clearly marked and accessible from the parking lot, provides the visitor a tour of the site’s outstanding natural and cultural features. It is located approximately 3.5 miles south of Brownstown in Little River County, via State Hwy. 317.