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Clearwater Lake 

Welcome to Clearwater Lake

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Whether it is boating, swimming, water skiing, camping, picnicking, sightseeing, hunting, or fishing, Clearwater Lake and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers can meet your recreation needs.
The absence of private boat docks appeals to those seeking a "wilderness lake," permitting boaters freedom to find a bit of unspoiled shoreline and go ashore nearly anywhere on the lake. Boating enthusiasts and skiers have acres of smooth, deep water for sport. Those who prefer canoeing will be in awe of the natural scenic beauty offered by the upper Black River.

Whether you are an experienced sportsman or a beginner, Clearwater Lake has a place for you to cast your pole. Bass, crappie, bream and catfish lurk beneath the sparkling clear waters of the lake. Numerous fish shelters have been placed in the lake.
Swimming areas are available in four of Clearwater’s parks. Swim beaches are located at Piedmont Park, Bluff View, Webb Creek and Highway K Park. Campers and picnickers alike can enjoy the natural splendor of our parks. Camping is offered at all five of our parks. Numerous facilities, including grills, fireplaces, tables, group shelters, showers and water wells are located throughout the parks. Campsites may be reserved. For further information on reservations, please contact the Project Office. For those who prefer the undeveloped parks, primitive camping affords this unique experience. Permits may be obtained though the Project Office.

The vicinity is noted for the grandeur of its hills, natural springs, and general outdoor beauty. The shoreline is studded with high picturesque bluffs covered with sweet williams, indented bays and coves. Oak, hickory, and maple trees are numerous, and the beauty of the area is enhanced each spring by the sight of flowering shrubs and trees, such as redbud, hawthorn, dogwood and wild plum.

Clearwater’s trails and watchable wildlife area are a sightseer’s delight. Each day brings new discoveries. Numerous birds and other animals can be observed year-round as well as an abundance of vegetative life. These areas offer hikers and sightseers the opportunity to be in the midst of nature.

The lake is located near three state parks and several historic sites. Information on overnight lodgings, restaurants and tourist attractions is available at chambers of commerce in towns surrounding the lake.

The Corps of Engineers invites you to visit one of the Ozark’s most beautiful lakes. Once you visit Clearwater, you will return again and again.

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