Shoreline Management

The Corps of Engineers owns approximately 6,500 acres of land surrounding Millwood Lake. The boundary line between this government land and private property is irregular and is not a set distance from the lakeshore. Most of the line around Millwood Lake has been surveyed. Survey monuments placed at ground level define it. A 5-foot red steel fence post is set about one foot from the marker as an aid to location. Trees along the boundary line are marked with a 4 inch wide red band as an additional aid to location of the line. These trees, however, are off line and indicate only that the line is nearby. Park Rangers are available to assist in locating boundary lines.

An application must be made to the Millwood Tri-Lakes Project Office for a permit before construction of boat mooring facilities, alteration of government land, or modification of vegetation on the lake shorelines and Corps of Engineers property. Boat Dock permits will only be issued in areas of the lake designated as limited development areas. These are indicated on a map located in the Millwood Tri-Lakes Project Office. Permits for paths and fire protection will not be issued in any areas allocated as public recreation areas, including their buffers, or on lands allocated as prohibited access areas. When property is bought and sold new owners must get a new shoreline use permit.

Those interested in a shoreline permit should first contact a park ranger from the Millwood Lake Project Office at 870-898-3343. 

There are 92,500 acres around Millwood Lake in flowage easement. This land is at an elevation of 290 ft. and below, where the government has acquired flowage easement interest imposing certain building restrictions and building construction controls, the interest acquired must be protected. It is essential that close surveillance be maintained over the land in order to insure that no violations of the building restrictions and controls occur. Structures for human habitation are expressly prohibited on flowage easement lands and no other type structures shall be placed on such lands without prior written approval of the District Engineer. 

All requests for permission to place any type structure on flowage easement lands must be submitted to the Operations Manager in writing. With each request, the Operations Manager will submit the following information: 

-The landowner’s written request, which will include a statement of the proposed work, and it’s purpose. 

-Detailed construction drawings of the proposed structure. 

-A sketch indicating the tract or tracts on which the structure is proposed and the location thereof. The ground elevation where the structure is to be located will be prominently shown on this map.

-Any other information or data pertinent to the case that will assist in the elevation of the request and reaching a timely decision.