Natural Resources


Wise management of natural resources on and around Millwood Lake is necessary and important to maintain the quality environment we enjoy. The public land that surrounds the lake provides a buffer that ensures high quality water, as well as habitat for the abundant wildlife and plants found here. Our goal for managing this land is to restore it to natural conditions and enhance native plant and animal populations. Comprehensive natural resource plans are developed to guide our efforts toward accomplishing this goal. The Corps of Engineers, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and volunteer groups play important roles in the cooperative management of hunting and non-hunting areas.

Invasive Species

Millwood Lake has a variety of aquatic vegetation species, some being non-native invasive species that have been introduced to the lake during the past 15 years. These species include Hydrilla and Alligator Weed among many others. Another known invasive plant that has not been found in Millwood Lake but has been found in bordering states such as Texas and Louisiana, is Giant Salvinia. The US Army Corps of Engineers at Millwood Lake has been researching the best methods to manage the spread of these invasive plants, which include techniques such as water level deviations and biological control. We need your help to prevent the spread of these plants to other areas of Millwood Lake or to other bodies of water. Please clean any vegetation from your boats and trailers upon arriving and departing Millwood Lake.