Contact Information

Main Number
(501) 324-5695

Chief, Emergency Management
(501) 324-5696

Security Manager
(501) 324-5901


Emergency Operations and Planning

 The Emergency Management Office's mission is to ensure the district is prepared and ready to execute response and recovery operations in the event of a:

Natural Disaster
National Catastrophic Emergency
Technological Emergency
Environmental Event
Military Mobilization

Emergency Planning and Operations

  • Natural disaster response and national emergency operations planning
  • Hazardous material and oil spill preparedness
  • National emergency continuity of operations
  • Field Force Engineering contingency operations in support of the Army, DOD, and the nation.
  • Flood protection and dam safety
  • Federal Emergency Support Function #3 for Public Works, and
  • Coordination with state and local agencies

Flood Protection

In non-emergencies, the district maintains flood control stuctures, performs conditions surveys, plan, organize and train for flood response and maintain capability to respond to flood emergencies.

In time of flooding, the district may provide supplemental disaster assistance, direct disaster response and disaster recovery or rehabilitation. We may be authorized to perform the following activities under Code 910-200.

     * Assist locals with technical assistance and advice.
     * Assume operational control of a flood fight if requested.
     * Set high water marks, but not provide survey control.
     * Clear debris from a channel if it is likely to cause flooding or levee breach.
     * Conduct field investigations to note flood potential areas.
     * Furnish flood fight materials.
     * Contract for flood fighting personnel, equipment and supplies.
     * Inspect state, local or private dams in a structural emergency.