Water Safety

Recreation Activities

Whether you enjoy boating, fishing, picnicking, or hiking Millwood Lake has an activity for you. With an abundance of food and varied habitats, multitudes of birds are attracted year-round to Millwood Lake. Birders from across the nation come to Millwood to get a glimpse of a wide variety of birds that include over 333 species reported within a 7.5-mile area. A flock of white pelicans make their home year-round on the lake, while Bald Eagles, Golden-winged Warblers, Gulls, and several species of waterfowl are among the birds making an appearance throughout the year. Millwood has 11 recreation areas around the lake. There are 12 boat ramps, 8 campgrounds, and 3 picnic shelters. Alligators are a part of the natural habitat at Millwood be cautious and keep safety in mind while boating or fishing. Please remember whatever your recreational interest – play it safe at the lake and always wear your life jacket!

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