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Appraisal Branch

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• Commercial Appraisals         • Residential Appraisals
• Rural Appraisals                   • Light Industrial Appraisals
• Agricultural Appraisals          • Lease Appraisals
• Military Appraisals                 • Forestry Products Appraisals
• BRAC Appraisals                   • Market Surveys

Real Estate Mission

The Real Estate Division Provides the required real estate services for the Department of Defense, for Army civil works programs and for other designated Government agencies. Administers the management and disposal of real property for both civil works and military projects. Acquires real estate interests for Army and Air Force within the District military boundaries, within the States of Arkansas and Missouri. Acquires real estate interests for civil works projects within the District civil boundaries. Acts as the real estate representative for Army and Air Force in support of land management, disposal, inleasing and outleasing, Armed Forces Recruiting facilities, Lease Family Housing, and U.S. Army Reserves within the designated military boundaries. Initiates, plans, directs and executes mobilization and natural disaster actions as required. In conjunction with Office of Counsel, provide legal review, advice, and opinions and accomplishes all legal functions requested by and in support of the Acquisition, Management and Disposal Branches and Appraisal.

Invitation for Bids

Sale of Government-Owned Forest Products


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District, is accepting bids through the morning of April 16, 2023, on Agricultural Lease Plots on Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas.

The 195.99 acres of land are divided into 7 Lease Plots, located in Boone and Marion Counties, Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas. Lease Plots have been designated purposes for haying use. A deposit of 10% of the bid is due upfront.

On-site visits and pre-entry meetings are available. Call the POC at (501) 340-1423 to schedule a meeting.

Sealed bid packets may be mailed to the Corps of Engineers at ATTN: CESWL-RE-M, PO Box 867, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203, or to physical address, ATTN: CESWL_RE_M, Federal building, 6th Floor, Room No. 6509, 700 West Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, Arkansas. Bids may be hand delivered to the bid opening at the Mountain Home Project Office, 324 W. 7th Street, Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653 to be opened April 17th, 2023, at 10:00 am.

Invitations for Bid may be viewed at

Requests for a hardcopy and/or additional information may be made to (501) 340-1222 or to the Mountain Home Project Office, (501) 340-1423.

Acquisition Branch

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• Performs all negotiations in acquiring land, easements, rights-of-way, and other lesser interests by direct purchase for civil and military missions.
• Negotiates and administers all lease hold estates acquired for civil and military use.
• Requests assignment of GSA-controlled space (both leased and Government-owned) for military and civil use. Administers such space and requests its release when no longer needed.
• Executes the annual Recruiting Facilities Program for Arkansas.
• Schedules and conducts collocation meetings.
• Executes the U.S. Army Reserve Facilities Program and Government Leased Family Housing Program.
• Administers the sale and removal of Government-owned improvements surplus to the needs of the military and civil works projects.
• Investigates and proposes/effects resolution of boundary questions and disputes.
• Initiate and execute the Real Estate Environmental Restoration Program for the District.
• Performs and/or coordinates Real Estate functions for Project Partnership Agreements and serves as a team member on the project development team.
• Develops and prepares real estate plans for study and engineering documents including Reconnaissance and Feasibility Reports, Detailed Projects Reports and Design Memoranda. Coordinates necessary work to be done in support of these plans by other Real Estate Division Branches.
• Maintains liaison with community leaders and key local sponsor personnel during planning, execution and close out of real estate acquisition. This includes providing assistance in planning efforts, participating the initial landowner meetings, monitoring progress of acquisition, consulting on issues related to compliance with Federal statutory requirements and processing of requests for credit.
• Maintains database, Real Estate files and map files on Project Partnership Agreements.
• Responsible for the preparation of the planning document for all military and civil projects.
• Prepares Real Estate Planning Reports for military projects and Design Memorandums for civil works projects for requesting approval and subsequent authorization and funding of projects.
• Secures real estate ownership data and mapping from public records and compiles ownership and segment maps of project area.
• Prepares and verifies all land descriptions used in real estate actions including verification of bearings and distances, mapping standard compliance, and area computations.
• Establishes and recommends proposed acquisition lines for approval by using sound real estate judgment and knowledge of ownerships, effect to the remainder, uneconomical remnants, and field checks.
• Plans, coordinates, and presents real estate public meetings for new authorized projects including the preparation of wall maps, mailing notices to the public, preparing speech for presentation by the District Engineer, and preparation of Land Acquisition Procedure brochures.
• Prepares real estate cost estimates and schedules of work performance for land acquisition in the planning and development of civil and military programs to accomplish the real estate mission. Maintains operational and control records to determine effectiveness and economy of program execution.
• Develop schedules of work performance and funds required to accomplish the real estate mission.
• Tracks real estate program execution from cradle to grave to ensure proper use of civil and military funds.
• Prepares manpower requirements to support and accomplish the District real estate mission.
• Provides real estate input for congressional hearings in support of Water Resource Appropriations.
• Develops and prepares Command Operating Budget for Branch.
• Manage and track rental income from marinas and resorts.
• Performs audits of completed real estate acquisitions and/or disposed actions for all civil projects and Army/Air Force installations in District boundaries.
• Maintain and execute permanent real estate historical records.
• Conduct real property inventories at each civil installation on a 3-year cycle.
• Reconcile real property with F & A ledger accounts on a annual basis.
• Manage real property at all civil works projects in the District and land for all military.
• Negotiation
• Title Work
• Fee and Easement Acquisition
• Closing
• Claims Settlement
• Condemnation
• Leasing
• Land Withdrawals
• Land Exchanges
• Relocation Assistance
• Military Recruiting
• Military Planning
• Mapping
• Control and other Construction Projects
• Platting
• Writing Legal Descriptions
• Coordinate-Determine Real Estate
• Master Planning
• Quality Control
• Lease Family Housing
• US Army Reserve Support

Disposal Branch

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• Processes requests for payment of benefits under PL 91-646 (Relocation Assistance)
• Reports excess civil and military lands or improvements to GSA.
• Administers the sale of timber, crops, hay, etc., on civil and military lands.
• Administers the sale and removal of Government-owned improvements surplus to the needs of the military and civil works projects.
• Investigates and recommends resolution of encroachments on Government property.
• Investigates and proposes/effects resolution of boundary questions and disputes
• Plans and executes exchanges of civil works and military real property.
• Administers and manages timber resources within the District's area of responsibility.
• Reviews, processes, and administers grants for use and occupancy of civil and military real property.
• Develops Interim Land Management Plans and assists in preparation of Project Master Plans, as required.
• Performs executive order surveys and studies of civil works projects.
• Administers oil and gas leasing activities on civil works and military properties.
• Prepares reports on annexations and retrocessions of jurisdiction.

Management and Disposal

• Property Management and Sale                         • Building Disposal
• Encroachment Resolutions                                 • Land Disposal
• Disposal Area Management                                • Real Property Inventory
• Space Management                                            • Timber Disposal
• Timber Management                                           • Mineral Disposal
• Military/Civil OutGrants                                        • Compliance Inspection