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Watch Your Children!

Wear Your Lifejacket!



Designated swimming areas are perfect spots to cool off on a sunny summer day and are offered in many parks. These include Gamaliel, Bidwell Point, Robinson Point, Panther Bay, Cranfield, Quarry, and Jordan. Day use fees are charged at designated swimming areas. Users may pay a daily fee of $1 per person up to $4 per car or purchase an annual pass for $30.
Swimmers are reminded to –
- Swim and wade only where they are familiar with the water depths and the bottom;
- Swim in the company of others;
- Avoid diving;
- Be careful of overestimating your swimming ability because water distances are deceiving;
- Watch children closely;
- Avoid boat channels, launching ramps and docks;
- Remember horseplay in the water can result in injuries.