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Clearwater Lake 


There are several hiking trails located on the Clearwater Lake Project. These trails provide scenic views and the chance to see a large variety of wildlife. Deer, squirrel, and turkey are just a few of the types of animals that can be found along the forested trails.

The Bluff View Nature Trail is a .6-mile hike that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. It offers a picturesque view of the lake and river valley. The trail is rated moderate in difficulty. This is a foot trail only. Sorry, no bicycles allowed. The trailhead is located near the restrooms in C-section of Bluff View Park.

The Black River Nature Trail is an .8-mile trail that is rated moderate and is accessible from River Road Park. It winds its way though oak-hickory hilltop woods alongside the Black River. Several locations provide benches to rest and lookout platforms for a bird’s eye view of the river. Hiking this trail takes about ½ hour. This trail gives access to two other trails, the Bottom Land Forest Trail and the Blue Heron Slough Trail.

The Bottom Land Forest Trail, located near River Road Park, this scenic trail weaves its way through a bottomland forest with cane breaks and a warm season grass field that is scattered with cactus to a bluff overlooking the Black River. This moderately difficult trail is one mile long.

The Blue Heron Slough Trail is the third trail near River Road Park. It is .3 miles long and is also accessible via the Black River Nature Trail or canoe/kayak. If you’re quiet you may view great blue herons, wood ducks, and turtles in this old river channel pond. A wildlife food plot is at the end of this trail. This trail is rated moderate.

The Black River Nature Trail, Bottom Land Nature Trail, and the Blue Heron Slough Trail are all part of a series of trails that wind through our Watchable Wildlife Area. This is a wildlife reserve area, with food plots scattered throughout, to provide an ample supply of food for the animals to thrive on.

The Webb Creek Nature Trail is located inside Webb Creek park.  This trail meanders through an oak/hickory forest and connects the campground with the swim beach.  This .2 mile trail is on an Ozark hillside, making it a quick hike downhill from the campground to the beach.   


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