Watch Your Children!

Wear Your Lifejacket!


Waveland Park has a designated swimming beach.  It is a wonderful place to go swimming and cool off on a hot summer day, or just to relax under the shady cypress trees.  A day use fee is charged for use of the swim beach, please reference posted fees at the swim beach.  

Swimmers are reminded to:

  • Swim and wade only in a designated swimming area, where they are familiar with the water depths and the bottom.
  • Swim with others, not alone.
  • Avoid diving.
  • Be careful of overestimating your swimming ability, because distances across water are deceiving.
  • Watch children closely.
  • Avoid boat channels and launching ramp areas.
  • Remember, horseplay in the water can result in injuries or lead to death.

Be sure to take advantage of our life jacket loaner station, located at the swim beach!  Borrow a lifejacket, wear it, and bring it back at the end of the day so that someone else may use it.  This opportunity is offered so that everyone can be safe at the lake.  REMEMBER – It is everyone's responsibility to be safe on the water.  90% of people who drown are not wearing a lifejacket.  Don't be a statistic.  Wear your lifejacket!