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DeQueen Lake 


PWC's on Dierks Lake

The 1360-acre lake provides and enjoyable experience for the boating enthusiast. Dierks Lake is known for its wonderful bass and crappie fishing. It is also a great place for swimming and skiing. Dierks Lake offers 5 convenient concrete boat ramps with ample parking. The ramps are located in Jefferson Ridge park, Blue Ridge, and just North of the Dam at Jefferson Ridge South .

Boating Safety:

· Do not overload your boat.
· Boats must not approach closer to the dam than indicated by warning signs or buoy lines.
· If your boat capsizes stay with it and use it as a life preserver.
· Standing in a boat can lead to disaster.
· Head for shore if bad weather threatens.
· Slow down when approaching small boats, docks, skiers, or fishermen.
· Help any boat in distress and if you need help call for it.
· Each boat is required to have an approved personal flotation device for each passenger.

Click here to find open campgrounds at Dierks Lake!

Contact Us

Contact Information
Dierks Lake Project Office
246 Jefferson Ridge Road
Dierks, AR 71833
(870) 286-2346