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Dierks Lake 

Recreation Activities


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Recreation Activities


The 1360-acre lake provides and enjoyable experience for the boating enthusiast. Dierks Lake is known for its wonderful bass and crappie fishing. It is also a great place for swimming and skiing.

Boating Safety:

· Do not overload your boat.
· Boats must not approach closer to the dam than indicated by warning signs or buoy lines.
· If your boat capsizes stay with it and use it as a life preserver.
· Standing in a boat can lead to disaster.
· Head for shore if bad weather threatens.
· Slow down when approaching small boats, docks, skiers, or fishermen.
· Help any boat in distress and if you need help call for it.
· Each boat is required to have an approved personal flotation device for each passenger.


Fishing provides many hours of enjoyment for the visitors at Dierks Lake. The species most actively sought are: smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, channel catfish, flathead catfish, and the various species of sunfish. Most of the species found in the lake are also found in the downstream area.


All project lands except the developed public use areas, land around the dam, and other project structures are open to public hunting. All hunting is in accordance with the seasons and other regulations as established by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission personnel enforce all regulations. About 593 acres of land in the upper reaches of the project are included in the Howard County Game Management Area and will be managed in the same manner as the contiguous area. Principal game species found in the area are: whitetail deer, bobwhite quail, mourning dove, grey and fox squirrel, cottontail rabbit, and waterfowl. Due to the absence of public roads, access to some project lands is difficult. For the most part access is furnished by the public use area roads and privately owned timber access roads that have remained open to the public. Some areas are accessible only by boat.


Picnicking areas are available at many of the sites on Dierks Lake. There are 4 reservable picnic areas, which are great for family reunions or holidays. The picnic shelters are lighted and equipped with barbeque grills and electricity. These shelters are located at Jefferson Ridge, Horseshoe Bend, and Dierks Overlook. These shelters may be rented by contacting the Dierks Lake Project Office at 870-286-2346.


Dierks Lake has 3 beautiful swimming areas. They are located at Jefferson Ridge, Blue Ridge, and Horseshoe Bend. Users must pay a daily fee of $1 per person or $4 per car or they may purchase an annual pass for $30.

Swimming Safety Suggestions:
· Swim and wade only where you are familiar with the water depths and the bottom.
· Do not swim alone; there is safety in numbers.
· Always wear a lifejacket.
· Do not overestimate your swimming ability, as distances across water are deceiving.
· Watch children and non-swimmers closely.
· Swimmers should avoid regular boat channels, launching ramps, and docks.


Contact Us

Contact Information
Dierks Lake Project Office
246 Jefferson Ridge Road
Dierks, AR 71833
(870) 286-2346