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Archive: 2014
  • CWA-PR Extension

    Expiration date: 11/14/2014

    On 21 April 2014, the USEPA and the Corps of Engineers (Corps) published for public comment a proposed rule defining the scope of waters protected under the Clean Water Act (CWA), in light of the U.S. Supreme Court cases in U.S. v. Riverside Bayview, Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (SWANCC), and Rapanos v. United States (Rapanos). The proposed rule was developed to enhance protection for the nation’s public health and aquatic resources, and increase CWA program predictability and consistency by increasing clarity as to the scope of “waters of the United States” protected under the Act. This notice is to announce that the comment period has been extended through November 14, 2014. The comment period has been extended in response to stakeholder requests and to allow comments on new supporting materials. The agencies expect to receive additional relevant materials from the Science Advisory Board prior to October 20, 2014, which will be placed on the docket as soon as they are available. We encourage interested parties to periodically check the docket for updates on these materials. The comment period which was originally scheduled to end on July 21, 2014, had been previously extended to October 20, 2014. Comments now must be received on or before November 14, 2014.

  • SWL 2012-00244-1

    Expiration date: 10/17/2014

    Pursuant to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (33 U.S. Code 1344), notice is hereby given that Mr. Mike Kemp, City of Shannon Hills, 10401 High Street, Shannon Hills, Arkansas 72103, has requested authorization for the placement of dredged and fill material in waters of the United States associated with construction of a 460,000-cubic-foot detention basin and drainage improvements to the creek downstream utilizing various techniques, alternating reshaping the earthen stream bed and constructing a 3-foot-wide concrete bed with riprap along the banks. The total length of the proposed project is approximately 3,000 linear feet. The proposed project is located in an intermittent unnamed tributary of Otter Creek, in section 21, T. 1 S., R. 13 W., Shannon Hills, Saline County, Arkansas. The basic purpose of the project is flood control. The overall purpose of the project is to alleviate flooding of residences in a neighborhood between Joan Drive and Clayton Drive within the City of Shannon Hills. The project is water dependent.

  • SWL 2014-00328

    Expiration date: 10/17/2014

    Pursuant to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (33 U.S. Code 1344), notice is hereby given that the, Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD, PO Box 2261, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203, has requested authorization for the placement of dredged and fill material in waters of the United States associated with constructing the first segment of the Springdale Bypass. The proposed project (first segment) begins just north of Elm Springs at State Highway 112 and ends at existing Interstate 540 near Bethel Heights, in sections 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19, T. 18 N., R. 30 W., and in sections 13 and 24, T. 18 N., R. 31 W., Benton County, Arkansas. Total length of the project is approximately 4.5 miles. The basic purpose of the project is to provide safe and efficient movement of traffic within the region while accommodating through and intermodal travelers and alleviating congestion along local roadways. The overall purpose of the project is to upgrade the U.S. Highway 412 corridor. When the entire bypass is completed, it will become U.S. Highway 412, and extend from west of Tontitown to east of Sonora on the north side of Springdale. The project is not water dependent, and an extensive alternative analysis was completed as part of the environmental impact statement (EIS).

  • SWL 2014-00238

    Expiration date: 10/6/2014

    Pursuant to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (33 U.S. Code 1344), notice is hereby given that Mr. Keith Richardson, Richardson Properties, LLC, 9800 Maumelle Boulevard, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72113, has requested authorization for the placement of dredged and fill material in waters of the United States associated with the construction of a 36-acre residential and commercial development, referred to as Bowman Pointe, in west Little Rock at the northeast corner of Bowman Road and West 36th Street. The proposed project would impact (fill) and relocate approximately 1,398 linear feet of three jurisdictional intermittent streams and 1,632 linear feet of two jurisdictional ephemeral streams for a total of 0.21 acres of waters of the United States. Water flow enters the project area by two ephemeral streams that originate in a residential subdivision immediately north of the project property. These ephemeral streams then flow into the intermittent streams that are primarily fed by small springs and seeps on the property. The intermittent streams flow southward into existing stormwater drains under West 36th Street then east into Brodie Creek, Fourche Creek and then the Arkansas River in northeast Little Rock. The proposed project is located immediately north of West 36th Street, in the NW 1/4 of section 16, T. 1 N., R. 13 W., Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas.

  • SWL 1988-09046-GU

    Expiration date: 10/6/2014

    On January 21, 2010, the Little Rock District Corps of Engineers issued a regional general permit for the repair of levees, creation of dredged material disposal areas, fill of scour holes, and the construction, modification, or maintenance of dikes and revetments. The authority for permit issuance is found in Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (33 U.S. Code 1344). Corps districts are authorized to develop regional general permits in accordance with Title 33, Code of Federal Regulations Parts 325.2(e)(2) and 325.5(c)(1). Proposed Reissuance. This regional general permit has proven to be successful in authorizing a minor, noncontroversial category of work that has had no significant individual nor cumulative adverse environmental impacts, and we propose to reissue the regional general permit an additional five (5) years. Six projects have been approved under this regional general permit since January 21, 2010.