Drawdown Nearing Completion on Nimrod Lake

Published Sept. 14, 2016
News Release Images

News Release Images

PLAINVIEW, Ark. -- The Army Corps of Engineers wants to remind visitors that a drawdown is nearing completion on Nimrod Lake that began earlier this summer. 

The lake is being held at about elevation 337 feet until Oct. 1.  It will then begin to return to normal levels as rainfall occurs.  The current elevation is about five feet lower than the typical lake level for this time of year.

The drawdown is part of a cooperation with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The shoreline and shallow flats have been seeded in Japanese Millet.  This helps revegetation along the shoreline and provide cover for fish and food for waterfowl when the lake level returns to normal.  It also allowed the Corps of Engineers to perform maintenance on the dam, boat ramps, and swim beaches that are normally underwater. 

Stretches of the lakebed are still exposed, and Corps rangers are actively patrolling the lake for signs of disturbance to cultural resources.   Removing artifacts from public lands is a serious offense covered by the Archeological Protection Act of 1979 and Title 36 Code of Federal Regulations.  Also, unauthorized operation of motorized vehicles, to include ATV’s, around the shoreline and on the lakebed is strictly prohibited.         

For more information about Lake Nimrod, call Terry Gentry at 501-324-6957.


Terry Gentry

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