Published June 27, 2016
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News Release Images

ROGERS, Ark. -- The Army Corps of Engineers is conducting a recreational carrying capacity study on Beaver Lake beginning the July 4th holiday weekend through the Labor Day weekend.

A carrying capacity study is used to determine the maximum population an area will support without undergoing deterioration.

Contractors hired by the Corps will be conducting boat counts at launch ramps, campgrounds, marinas, and resorts as well as by helicopter. 

In addition, survey questionnaires will be mailed out to a random sampling of users of Beaver Lake for data collection during the study.  Information from these surveys and from boat counts will be documented in the carrying capacity study. 

The study is a part of the Beaver Lake Master Plan Revision and Shoreline Management Plan Update process.

Corps’ master plans set the vision for all use and development of a project’s federal public lands and waters surrounding our reservoirs, recognizing the ongoing activities of others in the watershed; specifically, environmental stewardship and recreation related purposes.

The shoreline management plan establishes policy and furnishes guidelines for the protection and preservation of the environmental characteristics of the shoreline while maintaining a balance between public and private shoreline uses.

The shoreline management plan allows individuals to apply for shoreline use permits such as vegetative modification, private floating facilities, etc.

As a reminder, the moratorium on issuing new shoreline use permits will remain in effect until the completion of the master plan and shoreline management plan update process.  

For more information or to ask specific questions about the moratorium, contact the Beaver Lake Project Office at 479-636-1210.

Jay Woods

Release no. 16-072