MKARNS Nav Notice SWL 16-30 Caution Advisory at NM 16.2

Published March 31, 2016
Navigation Notice

Navigation Notice

Mariners are advised to use caution at NM 16.2 due to the installation of an overhead electrical line.  The work is scheduled for April 4 through April 7, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Lock operators will contact the contractors when vessels are approaching the work area in order to ensure that the channel is clear for safe passage.  Lock operators may be contacted via radio on VHF-FM Channel 16 for further information.

Questions or requests for additional information concerning this notice should be directed to James McKinnie in the Little Rock District Office, at (501) 324-5739 or (501) 324-5096, or you may email


Kevin J. McDaniels          

Chief, Operations Division
Little Rock District Operations Technical Support Branch
James McKinnie

Release no. SWL 16-30