MKARNS Nav Notice SWL 15-50 SAILING INSTRUCTIONS – Multiple Locations NM 143.0 - NM 254.8

Published July 24, 2015
Navigation Notice

Navigation Notice



NM 142.0 THROUGH NM 254.8


Due to shallow pool conditions and until further notice, mariners are advised to use caution through the following areas. 

No passing is advised while transiting through these locations.  This information is based on a preliminary reconnaissance survey, and conditions may change as water flow rates reduce.  Recent high water flows have also resulted in numerous buoys no longer in their original locations.

 Questions or requests for additional information concerning this notice should be directed to James McKinnie in the Little Rock District Office, at (501) 324-5739 or (501) 324-5096, or you may email

Pool 7:

NM 142.0 to 143.2 - run the green line.

NM 155.0 to 155.9 – run the center line.

Pool 8:

NM 176.0 to 176.9 – run the center line

Pool 9:

NM 178.0 to 179.4 – run the red line (ref. Navigation Notice SWL 15-44)

Pool 10:

NM 221.7 to 223.0 – run the center line (ref. Navigation Notice SWL15-47)

NM 236.9 to 240.6 – run the center line

NM 240.6 to 241.9 – run the green line

NM 243.5 to 244.7 – run the center line

NM 245.0 to 254.8 – run the red line



Kevin J. McDaniels   

Chief, Operations Division 

Little Rock District OTSB
James McKinnie

Release no. SWL 15-50