Published March 24, 2015
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News Release Images

HEBER SPRINGS, Ark. -- The Army Corps of Engineers is reminding all persons with property bordering public land around Greers Ferry Lake to know where the property line is and avoid “spring cleaning” on government land.

No work can be performed on government property without prior written approval from the Corps.  This includes cutting vegetation.  Storing personal property is prohibited (i.e. boats, trailers, lawn furniture, etc.) on public property.  Anyone with personal property on public land or water should remove those items.  In addition, placing structures on public land or applying herbicide to kill vegetation is not allowed.

Officials advise all adjacent landowners to contact the Corps before starting work on public property.  Only certain alterations can be authorized, and violators are subject to a range of penalties under the law for unauthorized activities.  It is up to adjacent landowners to seek out the boundary line and avoid unauthorized activity, just as they would avoid encroaching on their neighbor's land.

Greers Ferry park rangers patrol the shoreline looking for unauthorized activities. If unauthorized activities are discovered, the adjacent landowners are contacted and advised how to resolve the violation. In some cases, citations are issued that could require an appearance before a federal magistrate and jeopardize existing permits or licenses associated with boat docks, electric power lines, vegetation modification, etc.

The government property line is marked around the lake with white metal fence posts set near round brass survey markers placed at ground level.  It runs straight between consecutive survey markers and its presence is indicated by white lines painted on trees.  The trees, not usually on the line, just indicate that the line passes near. 

In many instances the boundary line falls in the water at normal lake elevation.  This gives the false perception that some adjacent landowners receive preferential treatment.  In reality, they own to the water’s edge.


For more information about use of government property, call the Greers Ferry Project Office at 501-362-2416 or stop by the office located near the dam on Hwy 25, three miles north of Heber Springs.

Brent Watkins

Release no. 15-022