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Posted 6/27/2013

Release no. SWL 13-28 & TD 2013-12

Little Rock District Operations Technical Support Branch


James McKinnie

Effective July 1, 2013, the daily closures implemented as part of the Inland Marine Transportation System (IMTS) Levels of Service initiative will cease at the Locks of Ozark (No. 12) NM 256.8, Trimble (No. 13) NM 292.8, Webbers Falls (No. 16) NM 366.6, Chouteau (No. 17) NM 401.4 and Newt Graham (No. 18.) NM 421.6.  On that date, locking restrictions for recreational vessels will be in effect at these locks in accordance with the policies of the Districts.


The decision to cease these closures was not based solely on the increase in commercial lockages above 1,000 annually.  It was made based on the combined actions of the Little Rock and Tulsa Districts and the stakeholders, and the development of an integrated strategy to achieve the overarching IMTS goal of increasing the life of the locks in a constrained budget environment by increasing maintenance and decreasing lock cycles.


The strategy has five major action lines:  1) Evaluating operations at low use locks to identify lessons-learned and opportunities to increase maintenance, 2) Developing a recreational vessel lockage policy, 3) Continuing to find efficiencies that reduce the costs of operations and to apply all savings towards maintenance, 4) Developing an integrated 5-year maintenance strategy for the system, and 5) Focusing on the long-term investment needs and identifying remaining resource gaps.


This strategy will develop over time and will take significant stakeholder involvement to be successful.  Our mutual goal is to have a model system – one that is reliable and resilient - for future generations.




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