Published Oct. 1, 2012

Effective 01 October 2012, Ozark-Jeta Taylor Lock and Dam (No. 12) NM 256.8   and James W. Trimble Lock and Dam (No. 13) NM 292.8 will be taken out of service daily for a 4-hour maintenance period.  The maintenance period is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. each day, but may be delayed to complete a lockage that is underway, or to lock a commercial vessel that is within the arrival area before 8 a.m.  Once begun, the maintenance period will continue for a full 4 hours.  The maintenance period may be suspended to accommodate a lockage needed by emergency personnel or for a scheduled special event. 


Mariners transiting the area should contact the locks on channel 16 to confirm the exact closure times each day.  Members of the public may contact the locks by telephone for a recorded update of the daily maintenance period beginning and end times. Telephone numbers for the locks are (479) 667-2120 at Ozark and (479) 452-0488 at Trimble.


Questions or requests for additional information concerning this notice should be directed to Little Rock District’s Operations Technical Support Branch, at (501) 324-5739, or you may email



John A. Balgavy, P.E.

Chief, Operations Division



Little Rock District Operations Technical Support Branch

Release no. SWL 12-44