USACE conducts boundary line maintenance on Lake Dardanelle and Ozark Lake

Published March 10, 2023
News Release Images

News Release Images

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is advising landowners adjacent to public lands around Lake Dardanelle and Ozark Lake that contract maintenance crews will be conducting boundary line maintenance along a 34-mile section of government boundary at Lake Dardanelle and a 22- mile section at Ozark Lake.

Work will be conducted on the USACE boundary line along the north side of Lake Dardanelle from the Old Post Road Park area to London, and along the north side of Ozark Lake from Vine Prairie Park to the Dyer Lake area.

The contractor is reestablishing the existing USACE boundary line. Work includes locating survey monuments, clearing brush along the boundary line on the public land side, replacing and painting boundary line posts and painting trees in between the survey monuments to serve as reference points.

The public may see maintenance crews working around their neighborhoods and walking on the public land behind their homes or properties.

Residents may also notice uniformed USACE park rangers inspecting portions of

the boundary line during the coming months as the contract maintenance work is performed. Missing boundary monuments will be reestablished at a later date by USACE officials.

Encroachments and trespasses onto public property will be documented. These include mowing, unauthorized paths, tree cutting, personal property stored on public land and structures such as sheds, houses and decks for USACE officials to review.

The Russellville Site Office manages Lake Dardanelle and Ozark Lake, as well as the surrounding public lands to meet the needs of human and natural communities for present and future generations.

For more information, contact the Russellville Site Office at 479-968-5008.

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Release no. 23-024