MKARNS Nav Notice SWL 22-47 Lockage Queue - Lock 2, Lock 1 & Montgomery Point Lock

Little Rock District Operations Technical Services Branch
Published Sept. 8, 2022
Navigation Notice

Navigation Notice

Lock 1 operators will establish and distribute a lockage/queue management plan daily for Lock 2, Norrell Lock (No.1) and Montgomery Point Lock.  This plan will manage condensed traffic during the open hours of operation through Lock 1 (Reference Navigation Notice 22-38).

Mariners will be required to call Lock 1 at 501-324-7341 or by marine radio on Channel 16 to establish their place in the daily queue.

Downbound tows:

The check-in location for all downbound traffic shall be the Pendleton Bridge (NM 22.6).  After a downbound vessel has been set in queue, the vessel should wait near the designated waiting location (NM 15-17 or NM 19-20), until instructed to advance to Lock 2.  Each afternoon, the next downbound vessel in queue may be locked through Lock 2 where it will be allowed to tie up to the downstream long wall at Lock 2 prepared for its turn at Lock 1. 

Upbound tows:

The check-in location for all upbound traffic shall be Victoria Bend (on the Mississippi River).  After an upbound vessel has been set in queue, it will be locked through Lock 1 in that order except during emergencies or other extenuating circumstances.  Lock 1 operators will instruct upbound tows set in queue to proceed through the navigation pass (or lock through) at Montgomery Point Lock & Dam (MPLD) when space becomes available on the WREC for staging.  Waiting locations for upbound vessels that have been instructed to proceed upstream of MPLD will be NM 3, Benzal Bridge (NM 7) or NM 9.  Vessels staged at these locations are requested to remain in sequence and to advance to the next waiting location when the vessel ahead of them departs that location.  Each afternoon the next upbound vessel in queue should be secured at NM 9 and prepared to approach Lock 1 when instructed.

Lock 1 operators will e-mail each evening’s lockage/queue management plan by 3pm daily.  Anyone interested in receiving this daily e-mail should call Lock 1 and provide their email address.  Requests may also be sent to the Lock 1 Supervisor, JD Hayes at  

Lock 1 will contact Lock 2 and MPLD as necessary to maintain order of the vessels to be locked.  Helper boats (and changes thereto) must be coordinated with Lock 1 so the queue is not misdirected.

MPLD Phone # 501-324-7340

Lock 1 Phone # 501-324-7341

Lock 2 Phone # 501-324-7349

Questions or requests for additional information concerning this notice should be directed to the Little Rock District Office at (501) 324-5096 or you may email


Christopher B. Roark

Chief, Operations Division

Little Rock District Operations Technical Services Branch

Release no. 22-091