USACE reminds landowners that cutting trees on federal land is prohibited

Little Rock District - USACE
Published May 20, 2022
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HEBER SPRINGS, Ark.  -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Greers Ferry Project Office reminds landowners that cutting trees on federal land is prohibited. 

There has been an increase in damages to public property around Greers Ferry Lake, because of unauthorized tree cutting by landowners. In most cases, the entire area of public property adjacent to the landowner’s property is designated as a restoration area until the area can naturally restore itself to its pre-damaged condition. No new permits will be allowed in the restoration areas to allow the property to return to its natural state, and in some cases, existing permits may be revoked. 

In some locations around the lake, USACE can issue shoreline use permits to allow meandering paths across these public lands to the lakeshore and permits to mow or underbrush up to 100 feet onto public land from the foundation of a dwelling. However, tree cutting, limb trimming, mowing, bulldozing and other modifications are not authorized on public lands. 

Officials advise all adjacent landowners to contact USACE before starting work. Only certain alterations can be authorized, and violators are subject to a range of penalties under the law that can include expensive restitution payments, fines or even jail time. 

For more information about use of government property or shoreline use permits, contact the Greers Ferry Project Office at (501) 362-2416. 

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