MKARNS Nav Notice SWL 21-45 Sailing Instructions NM 9.9 to NM 10.2

Little Rock District Operations Technical Support Branch
Published Oct. 8, 2021
Navigation Notice

Navigation Notice

Tows are advised that the water elevation is forecasted to fall to 118.7-ft msl at Norrell Lock No.1 between 8 October and 9 October 2021.  With a controlling bottom elevation of 111.1-ft msl in the center of the channel below Norrell Lock No. 1 (NM 9.9 to NM 10.2), tows are advised to draft no more than 7.5’ when transiting the area.  Tows should also stay on the charted centerline of the channel when transiting through this reach due to limited width. Restrictions may be lifted once the tailwater elevation at Norrell Lock No. 1 reaches 120.2-ft msl.


Questions or requests for additional information concerning this notice should be directed to the Little Rock District Office, at (501) 324-5096 or you may email



Christopher B. Roark

Chief, Operations Division

Little Rock District Operations Technical Support Branch

Release no. 21-110