MKARNS Nav Notice SWL 20-18/TD 2020-6(1) COVID-19: Lock Protocol Changes Update

Published April 1, 2020
Navigation Notice

Navigation Notice

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 concerns, mariners are required to follow the below procedure for crew change out at all MKARNS Locks in Little Rock and Tulsa Districts:

Industry shall contact the Lock 4 hours in advance of anticipated crew change. Number and names of the crew will be provided along with delivery of supplies.  No industry personnel shall be allowed inside USACE control houses or buildings during crew changes, except in the case of medical emergency. Crew changes will still be allowed on the lock wall but industry must go directly from the vehicle to the motor vessel. Industry personnel will be required to use their own facilities while navigating through the lock.  The physical exchange of trip tickets from crew members to lock staff members will still not be allowed and must be communicated by some other means prior to transiting the lock. These changes are effective immediately and will remain in effect until further notice.

Questions or requests for additional information concerning this notice should be directed to:

Little Rock District Office, at (501) 324-5739 or

Tulsa District: Mr. Robert Steiner; Navigation Operation Manager: 918-775-4475 ext 5833 or Mr. Vic Heister; Navigation Field Engineer: 918-669-7244.

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Rex Ostrander                                               Kevin J. McDaniels

Chief, Operations Division                           Chief, Operations Division

Tulsa District                                                   Little Rock District

Little Rock District Operations Technical Support Branch

Release no. 20-034