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Published July 23, 2019
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News Release Images

ASHDOWN, Ark.—The Army Corps of Engineers began lowering the level of Millwood Lake 19 July to allow for spillway repairs and to improve shoreline vegetation.
The lake will be held near an elevation of 257.2 feet until 1 September. Afterward, the level will be gradually raised until it reaches an elevation of 259.2 by the beginning of October.
During the drawdown, boaters should exercise caution, including wearing a life jacket, because submerged stumps and shallow areas will be more prominent, especially in boat lanes.
The drawdown exposes an extensive area of shoreline for re-vegetation, which promotes water quality, habitat for wintering waterfowl and fish production. Additionally it concentrates prey fish for predator consumption, promoting growth and production for larger fish.
The drawdown was requested by the Southwest Arkansas Water District in coordination with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.
For more information, call the Millwood Project Office at 870-898-3343.

Laurie Driver

Release no. 19-118