MKARNS Nav Notice SWL 18-01 Dardanelle Lock (No.10) Intermittent Delays

Published Jan. 8, 2018
Navigation Notice

Navigation Notice

Repair work is scheduled to begin on the monolith joints at Dardanelle Lock and Dam (No. 10) NM 205.5 at 7 a.m., Jan. 17.  Work is scheduled to continue through Mar. 23.  Mariners are advised that the initial delay may be up to eight hours.  Subsequent delays are anticipated to be four hours or less in duration as stated in Navigation Notice SWL 15-31.  If this duration increases, the navigation notice will be updated.  Work is expected to be completed as scheduled; however, unforeseen issues could require additional time.  During this timeframe the tow haulage system’s availability will be intermittent and double cut tows may have to be locked the conventional way (without the use of tow haulage).

Lock Operators may be contacted via radio on Channel 16 or by phone (479) 890-4987 in advance of arrival to be advised of current conditions.

Questions or requests for additional information concerning this notice should be directed to the Little Rock District Office, at (501) 324-5739 or you may email


Kevin J. McDaniels

Chief, Operations Division
Little Rock District Operations Technical Support Branch

Release no. 18-003