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Nimrod Lake 

Natural Resources


Management of natural resources on Nimrod Lake emphasizes the biological requirements, as well as the recreational and scenic interest and will beWildlife food plot. managed as a watershed approach. Protection and enhancement of existing resources while allowing maximum and practical use will be the management concept. Enhancement of the existing resource will be accomplished in areas where site potential warrants or carrying capacity can be reasonably increased without degradation of existing resource. The primary goal of Natural Resource Management is to follow accepted conservation practices that will enhance the recreational and wildlife values and benefit the total environment.

Preparing land for wildlife habitat improvement.The total project acreage on Lake Nimrod is 24,839 acres, with 6,539 acres above the top of the flood conservation pool and 14,700 acres between the average conservation pool and top of the flood control pool. This leaves a total of 21,239 acres excluding the parks, to be utilized for wildlife habitat, timber production, agricultural leases, and recreational uses. These 21,239 acres are then divided up into 20 compartments.

There are many different habitats managed on Nimrod Lake. We manage bottomland hardwoods, pine plantationsEarly growth pine plantation., mature and old growth pine stands, pine-oak-hickory mixed forest, wetlands, and grasslands. These habitat types consist of early stages of ecological succession to mature forest type stands.

We intend to maintain and create healthy ecosystems that will promote wildlife habitat, timber production, enhance recreation, preserve aesthetic values, and protect soil, air, and water quality. We will also protect all cultural and historical resources on the project.

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Nimrod Lake Project Office

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