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Nimrod Lake 

Geocaching Permit Request Form


Where is the Geocache Located?


Conditions of Permit

  1. The cache may be placed only in areas approved by the Operations/Park Manager or Park Ranger. Prohibited areas include, but are not limited to, the dam/spillway/outlet areas, administration areas, and Corps of Engineers’ storage areas.
  2. The cache will be placed in a transparent, non-breakable container that is clearly identified as a geocache.
  3. The cache will not contain inappropriate or dangerous items as outlined in the website.
  4. No digging or other disturbance of the ground or anything above ground will be permitted.
  5. The permittee agrees to remove the cache at any time if requested by the Corps of Engineers at the Nimrod Lake Project.
  6. The permittee will take care to minimally disturb other visitors to the project and will agree to maintain the geocache area and walkway areas to the cache in a clean condition.

I agree to abide by all conditions of this permit


For U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Use Only

Permission is hereby granted to the above applicant to place a geocache on government property in the Nimrod Lake area as outlined in the conditions above. NOTE: Geocaching on USACE Fee Title Property is under review on a national level as to policy, etc. This permit may be revoked at any time dependent on decisions concerning the geocaching activity on USACE property.

Approved by: _________________________________________________________


Issue Date: _________________________________

NOTE: Permit expires (1) year after issue


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Nimrod Lake Project Office

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
3 Highway 7 South
Plainview, AR 72857
479 -272-4324