Shoreline Management

Shoreline at Gillham Lake.

The Corps of Engineers owns approximately 8,600 acres of land surrounding Gillham Lake. At conservation pool of 502.00 ft Gillham Lake provides 36 miles of shoreline to its visitors. The boundary line between this government land and private property is irregular and is not a set distance from the lakeshore. Survey monuments placed at ground level define it. A 5-foot red steel fence post is set about one foot from the marker as an aid to location. Trees along the boundary line are marked with a 4 inch wide red band as an additional aid to location of the line. These trees, however, are off line and indicate only that the line is nearby. Gillham Lake is not zoned for the placement of boat docks. The Corps of Engineers does not provide permits for land altercations, vegetation modification, paths, or fire protection on Gillham Lake. Park Rangers are available for assistance in the locating of government boundary lines.