Dam and Lake Information

Dierks Lake Control Tower

Dam and Lake Info

Location: The Dierks dam site is located at river mile 56.5 of the Saline River in Sevier and Howard counties in west-central Arkansas. The site is about 5 miles northwest of the town of Dierks.

Purpose: Authorized project purposes of Dierks Lake are flood control, water supply, recreation, and fish and wildlife conservation. As a part of the Little River Basin System the lake offers a high degree of flood protection to many acres of land both in the Little River Basin and the flood plain along the Red River.

Construction: The Flood Control Act approved July 3, 1958 authorized Dierks Dam for construction. The project was designed by the Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and constructed under their supervision. Construction of the project was started in June 1968 and embankment closure was made in May 1975.