Water Safety Tips

  • Wear "Coast Guard Approved" life jackets when around water.  Most people do not expect to end up in the water, and of those who drown, 90% are not wearing a life jacket. 
  • Water and alcohol do not mix.

  • Check weather forecasts before embarking on water activities.

  • Be aware of your personal water skills and knowledge.

Ranger educating children about water safety

Boating Safety Tips

Wear a "Coast Guard Approved" life jacket, many types and styles are available.

Check all safety equipment, replace and repair before launching.

File a float plan with family and friends.

Be a courteousness boater; follow the rules of the road.

Swimming near or under platforms on outboard motorboats, where CO (carbon monoxide) fumes accumulate, can kill. 

Swimming Tips

  • Wear a life jacket!
  • Learn to swim.  It is an important skill for all ages.

  • Never swim alone, always swim with a buddy.

  • Always swim in designated swimming areas.

  • Diving or jumping from cliffs and bluffs invites tragedy.

  • Always supervise children of all ages when around open bodies of water.


If you would like to have a Park Ranger come to your classroom and conduct a water safety program contact the Blue Mountain Lake Field Office.