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Volunteers are needed at Beaver Lake Project. Many Americans choose to volunteer their time and talents to accomplish public service projects. Our objective is to use voluntary service in a manner which will be mutually beneficial to the volunteer and the public interest. A Corps volunteer is any person who performs work for the Corps of Engineers for which he or she receives no pay. A volunteer is not considered a Federal employee and is not subject to the provisions of laws relating to Federal employment except for the purpose of tort claims and work-related injuries.  You can be one of the many American citizens who show their pride in Corps lakes and park areas by becoming a Corps of Engineers Volunteer. Your work for the Corps is a valuable service to the Corps and the visiting public. The work you do could not otherwise be accomplished without your help.   In 2012,, over 40 volunteers contributed over 11,000 hours of service, which equals to approximately $ 250, 000.00 in service.

The jobs for volunteers in the Corps are many. They range from one-day projects to long-term projects which require special skills. Our staff will review your interest and skills then match you with a job that fits your skills and interests. The volunteer program involves all types of work categories, some of which are listed below:

                     Clerical                                                 Trail Construction                                Campground Host                              Resource Protection

                     Construction                                        Wildlife Management                          Park Maintenance                               Landscaping

 Anyone interested in participating in the volunteer program at Beaver Lake may contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 2260 N. 2nd Street, Rogers, AR, 72756, call 479-636-1210, or e-mail:  Free campsites may be available for long-term volunteers.



You may also fill out the volunteer application and mail to the above address or submit an online form through the US Army Corps of Engineers Volunteer Clearinghouse. The U.S. Army Corps of Volunteer Engineers Clearinghouse is a nationwide program for  individuals who are interested in volunteering their time with the Corps. By calling the hotline (1-800-865-8337), a potential volunteer can express interest in any Corps project nationwide. The Clearinghouse in turn, gives the individual a point of contact for the area they have requested, as well as written information about volunteer opportunities there.

Callers should be ready to provide information about their interests, talents, and the locations they may want to volunteer. The Clearinghouse also works from the opposite direction. Corps employees (Ex. Rangers) needing volunteers can call or send their volunteer vacancies to the Clearinghouse so the information will be available to anyone interested.

The Annual Beaver Lake Cleanup is held every year on the lake in conjunction with National Public Lands Day. It is usually held the last Saturday in September. Around 400 volunteers come out and pick up trash around the lake in the morning. Then they proceed to Prairie Creek Park where they will be entertained by a live band, enjoy a free lunch, free t-shirts and drinks. Then after unch, hang around for some fabulous door prizes. This is a great way tor folks who live in Northwest Arkansas to help out on a beautify lake which also is probably the same lake they get their drinking water from. 



In managing recreation and natural resources, it is often necessary that agencies work together with neighbors and local communities, in everything from wildlife protection and habitat improvements to recreational facility enhancements and customer service. The USACE is no exception, and welcomes the myriad of present and future partners who share common goals and interests in our resources. Additionally, funding and labor resource shortages affect all levels of government and society. The Beaver Project Office has formal partnership agreements. Partnership agreements help us as a Federal agency work more effectively with local communities, businesses, and neighbors. We are always open to new partnering challenges.

Visit for further information concerning Partnerships with the Corps of Engineers.and opportunities. For information on how your group or organization can become a partner with the Beaver Lake Project, contact us at 2260 N. 2nd Street, Rogers, AR 72756, call 479-636-1210, or e-mail: