Hiking and Biking



Two National Nature Trails are located on Lake Dardanelle project lands - Bona Dea Trails and Sanctuary and Bridge Rock Trail.

Bona Dea Trails and Sanctuary is a unique nature preserve located adjacent to Lake Dardanelle, just inside the northern city limits of Russellville. One hundred and eighty-six acres of wetlands and low woods provide an ideal habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. The nearly six miles of trails that wind throughout the sanctuary provide a multitude of recreational opportunities including walking, jogging, nature photography and nature study.

Bridge Rock Trail is a "Green Thumb" project constructed under the direction of the Corps of Engineers in Shoal Bay Park. The trail winds along a rugged north-western slope overlooking a portion of Shoal Creek known locally as the "Narrows". It offers three different routes of increasing length and difficulty. Total length is one mile and one hour should be allowed to walk the entire trail.

Bicycle Trails

Old Post Road Park Mountain Bike Trail

Old Post Road Park Bike Trails

Among the many other recreational activities that are available in Old Post Road Park, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is proud to have added a Mountain Bike Trail. The trail, developed by many local bike enthusiasts, is located within Old Post Road Park above the Corps Office. Due to the local interest, new loops are being frequently added, so even if you have been here before, it’s time for another look!

The trailhead is located at Caudle Overlook where there is parking and restroom facilities available. The view from the Overlook is just the beginning of the spectacular nature experience that is available here. Old Post Road Bike Trails are approximately 8 miles in length. It is a network of trails that consists of mostly wooded single track with some short areas of old fire roads. There are several small hill climbs and enough twists and turns to keep the most adept mountain biker interested.

The area is well maintained and motorized vehicles are prohibited so the bicycle rider can enjoy a full nature experience.

As mentioned previously, Old Post Road Park offers a wealth of recreational opportunities. There are 40 campsites available in the park with water and electric hookups at $20.00 per night. There are tennis courts, basketball courts, and a softball and soccer field. A playground offers something for the little ones and picnic tables are scattered throughout the day use area.