Mobitily Impaired Hunt


Each year the Russellville Site Office hosts a Mobility Impaired Hunt in partnership with AGFC on the Johnson County Waterfowl Rest Area.  Applications are available upon request.  Contact Russellville Site Office for more information.

Recreation Activities

 Crappie Fishermen

Fishing & Hunting

The Arkansas River has for many years been popular with fishermen for its large catfish. Record Flathead, Blues, and Channel are caught using many methods. White bass are native to the river, with adults traveling in schools and feeding near the surface. Bream, crappie, and largemouth bass are stocked in the lake and provide excellent sport fishing. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission studies of bass tournaments across the state revealed that Lake Dardanelle is the most productive bass fishery in the state of Arkansas. With no closed season and mild winters, fishing is good year round.

Located near the Ozark and Ouachita National Forests, the area has an abundance of wildlife. There is in-season hunting for deer, turkey, water fowl and other small game. The success rate of the growing Canada Goose Season is proof of the excellent breeding ground the lake and river provides.

Wildlife Viewing

The river valley is a favorite wintering area for the American Bald Eagle. From late fall through early spring, eagle are often seen perched in large trees and on snags along the river as they hunt for their favorite prey – fish. Popular viewing areas include Old Post Road Park in Russellville and Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge, southeast of Dardanelle.