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Greers Ferry Lake

The William "Carl" Garner Visitor Center is CLOSED until further notice.

William "Carl" Garner Visitor Center

No trip to Greers Ferry Lake would be complete without a visit to the ADA accessible U.S. Army Corps of Engineers William Carl Garner Visitor Center where, in an effort to make each visit enjoyable as well as educational. Volunteers greet visitors at the front desk and assist visitors with maps and information about area camping, swimming, hiking, boat launching, lodging, activities, and points of interest. Further, you will find a brochure rack filled with local information that provides visitors with information about local flora and fauna around the Greers Ferry Lake area.


The exhibit area begins in prehistoric time and moves the visitor through local history to the present.  Visitors learn the history of early exploration of the area, the events that led to the building of Greers Ferry Dam, and detailed information on the purpose and history of the Greers Ferry Lake, Dam and Powerplant.


The interactive hand crank generator exhibit, in conjunction with other exhibits, helps visitors understand the relationship and use of water in the production of hydro-electricity!  Greers Ferry Dam and Powerplant have been producing green and clean electricity for 50 years!

A 20-minute audiovisual program “The Saga of the Little Red: A Tale of Two Centuries,” details the history of the Corps of Engineers in the area and features excerpts from President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 dedication speech.  This must see program is shown upon request. 


A replica of the 4 lb. test line world record 40 lb. 4 oz. Brown Trout that was caught in the Little Red River below Greers Ferry Dam is on display in the Visitor Center!  Check the Visitor Center’s schedule and sign up for a trout fishing seminar where you can learn to catch the big ones too!


Did you know there are Trumpeter Swans in Arkansas?  At the Visitor Center you can learn more about these beautiful birds and see a mounted specimen up close!


Monthly seasonal summer exhibits can be viewed in the foyer of the Center.  The exhibits range from subjects on boating and water safety, the Corps of Engineers and local art.


If you enjoy hiking, the Mossy Bluff and Buckeye National Nature Trails are adjacent to the Visitor Center. Trail maps are provided free of charge.  Ask volunteers about the Mossy Bluff Trail Adventure if you enjoy nature hike scavenger hunts!  Four picnic tables are provided under the trees behind the Center where visitors can enjoy a picnic lunch or a rest break after hiking.


School groups are encouraged to schedule field trips to the Visitor Center where students experience hands-on opportunities to explore Arkansas history, learn about the Corps of Engineers role in local history, and the impact of science in everyday life.


On Saturdays from Memorial Day to Labor Day an assortment of free programs is offered at the Visitor Center.  Most programs are in the evening at 7:00 p.m. and range from folk concerts to Native American Dancers.  There is always something fun and interesting to see at the Visitor Center!


For more information about programs, activities and the Greers Ferry Lake area, please call the Wm. Carl Garner Visitor Center at 501-362-9067.

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