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A. We are located just west of the Greers Ferry Dam, behind the William Carl Garner Visitor Center, at 700 Heber Springs Road North, Heber Springs, Arkansas. Our office hours are 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except federal holidays.
Mailing Address:
US Army Corps of Engineers
Greers Ferry Lake Project Office
P.O. Box 1088
Heber Springs, Arkansas 72543-1088
(501) 362-2416
Fax: (501) 324-6985

A. There are two types of maps available:
1) A topographical map, used primarily by fishermen and divers, was produced in 1944 prior to the impoundment of the lake. It is available to pick up at the Project Office for $10.00 each, or if you prefer we can mail it to you for an additional $5.66 each.
2) A brochure is also available, which opens up into a color map of Greers Ferry Lake. This is free of charge. Bulk quantities of the map can be obtained at the Project Office for $.20 per map.  Or it can be downloaded from this site.

A. You may call (866) 494-1993, Ext 16 or (501) 362-5150 for a computer generated voice message of the current lake level or visit 

A.  You can contact NRRS toll free at 1-877-444-6777, or online at You will be required to pay for your entire stay when you make the reservation. Reservations cannot be made within four days of your expected arrival date, or more than 180 days in advance.

A. You may reserve picnic shelters by calling the Greers Ferry Project Office at (501) 362-2416 from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except federal holidays.

A. Yes. Day use fees are charged at all operating developed recreation areas on Greers Ferry Lake. Per day fees include $1.00 per person to swim, up to a maximum of $5.00 per vehicle and $5.00 to launch a boat. An area fee of $5.00 per vehicle will be charged at the Dam Site Park Day Use Area. Children under 12 are free. Fees may be paid to the park attendant during booth hours, or deposited in the honor vault when an attendant is unavailable. For your convenience you may purchase an annual pass for $40.00 that is good until the month purchased of next year.

A. You can contact the Greers Ferry Lake Project Office by writing to P.O. Box 1088, Heber Springs, Arkansas 72543-1088, telephoning 501-362-2416, or e-mailing .

A. Yes. Fishing on Greers Ferry Lake is regulated by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Information is available at

A. You can discover the wide variety of attractions available in the area surrounding Greers Ferry Lake by clicking on the Chamber of Commerce link on the Recreation Activities Page of the Greers Ferry Lake web site.

A. Volunteers are always welcome on Greers Ferry Lake. Please check out the Volunteer section on this webpage.  To see if any volunteer positions or contract park attendant positions are available, please contact the Greers Ferry Project Office at 501-362-2416 or .

A. Yes. If you are planning an event of any type on Greers Ferry Lake waters or public lands, you must submit a Special Events Permit. For more information, you may contact the Project Office at 501-362-2416 or .  Or download one from the Fishing page on this web site.

A. No. Possession and/or use of fireworks is prohibited.

A. No. The possession of loaded firearms, ammunition, loaded projectile firing devices, bows and arrows, crossbows or other weapons is prohibited, except where used for hunting and fishing in remote areas, and in accordance with State Game and Fish regulations. Possession and/or use of explosives of any kind is prohibited.

A. Yes. Pets must be penned, caged or on a leash less than six feet long in developed areas, except where otherwise posted. No pets are allowed at the swimming beach. Horseback riding is not allowed in developed recreation areas. No person shall allow animals to bark or emit noise that unreasonably disturbs others. Exotic animals and livestock are not permitted.

*For a complete list of rules and regulations, click on the EP1165-2-316 link on the Recreation Activities Page of the Greers Ferry Lake web site.

A.  A Special Event is defined as any organized activity, which involves more than 50 persons. Special Events include, but are not limited to water carnivals, boat regattas, music festivals, dramatic presentations, fishing tournaments, races or other recreation programs. Events totaling more than 25 participants, spectators, or event officials must first complete SWL Form 308-R and return it to the Greers Ferry Lake Project Office for review. The Project Office must receive the SWL Form 308-R no later than 30 days prior to when the event is tentatively scheduled. The Project Office will review the application to ensure that application is completed correctly and that there are no scheduling conflicts or the event size does not exceed project capacity. Approval is not automatic since there may be conflicts with other users. Additionally, event liability insurance, performance bonds and logistical support such as traffic control, law enforcement, etc. may be required to be provided by the sponsor prior to issuance of a special events permits.

A $75.00 fee may be charged by the Corps of Engineers for each special permit. A check or money order should be made out to FAO, US Army-SWL for the amount of the permit.

If the application is approved, on receipt of payment, the Operations Manager will complete the SWL form 308-R. A User Fee Permit (Eng Form 4457) will be issued as receipt for the payment of the fee and you will receive the User Permit and a copy of the signed SWL Form 308-R by certified mail.

A Special Events Permit Application can be acquired by contacted the Greers Ferry Lake Project office at (501) 362-2416, downloaded from this site or by written request to P.O. Box 1088, Heber Springs, Arkansas 72543-1088.