Location: Greers Ferry Dam is located on the Little Red River at river mile 79.0, three miles northeast of Heber Springs, Arkansas. There are 1,146 square miles of drainage area above the dam.

Purpose: The lake is one of five multiple-purpose projects constructed in the White River Basin for the control of floods and generation of hydroelectric power. The project also offers excellent recreational opportunities.

Construction:  Construction of the dam began in March 1959 and was completed in December 1962.  Powerhouse construction ended in July 1964 with the entire project costing $46 million.

Dam size:  1704 ft concrete dam, 243 feet high, 2 auxiliary earthen dams -  3,350 linear feet and 4,500 linear feet respectively

Lake elevation:                 at conservation pool - 462.04 ft msl

                                                at flood control pool - 487 ft msl

Shoreline length:             at conservation pool - 272 miles

                                                at flood control pool - 343 miles

Total storage capacity: 2.8 million acre feet or 926 Billion Gallons

Hydropower:  Two Generating units rated at 48,000 kilowatts per unit