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Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife watching and photographry can be enjoyed in every area on Bull Shoals Lake. Although many different habitat types are found on Bull Shoals, not all their residents are easily seen. Before charging into the woods to look for animals you can save yourself some time by thinking about the animal’s habitat. Concider the animal's habitat,  food, water, shelter and living space, when you are out for that afternoon strool. Think about areas where the animal, especially smaller animals, will have protective cover. Water is another important part of an animals daily travels, either  to the lake or to one of the Corps of Engineers wildlife ponds, water attracts the wildlife located ini these areas. Remember, the first and last hours of daylight are generally the best time for viewing wildlife, take your binoculars, spotting scope, or a camera with telephoto lens for an unforable time.

Eagle Awareness Weekend Scheduled

Each year over 100 bald eagles winter in the Bull Shoals area. Join us on the second weekend in January for activities centered around our national symbol and other birds of prey. Programs genualy  include lake tours, guided bird walks, guest speakers, live bird demonstrations
(including a bald eagle), and musical entertainmen.

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