Swimmers are encouraged to swim at designated swim beaches, which are located within the park boundaries.Designated swim beaches have safety features such as floating lines, and "boat keep out buoys".There are no lifeguards; swimming is permitted at your own risk. Swimming is not permitted at boat launch ramps, courtesy docks, or other areas designated as “No Swim” areas.  Day use fees are charged at designated swimming areas. Users may pay a daily fee of $5 per carload, or purchase a $40 annual pass. Paid campers will not have to pay the daily use fee. Annual passes may be purchased in person at the Park Attendant booth, or at the Beaver Project Office at: 2260 N. 2nd Street, Rogers, AR 72756.

The life jacket loaner program provides the public with free use of life jackets on a first-come, first-served basis, while recreating at USACE lakes and waterways. Research shows that 90 percent of drownings at USACE projects could have been prevented if a life jacket had been worn by the victim. The goals for this program are to increase life jacket wear during water-based activities on USACE lakes and waterways as well as educate the visiting public on the importance of proper use and fit. This station is located at the Dam Site Lake Cutoff beach. All swimming beaches have life jacket loaner stations.

Safety Tips:

  • Never swim alone
  • Never leave children unattended
  • Swim and wade only where they are familiar with the water depths and the bottom
  • Do not dive
  • Do not overestimate your swimming ability
  • Non-swimmers should wear an approved U.S. Coast Guard life jacket

Life throw rings are located at each swim beach, please check location.

Diving is prohibited in the campgrounds where posted.



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Meet Bobber, the Water Safety Dog! 
Click on Bobber to visit the official web site. www.Bobber.info You’ll find cartoons and other water safety fun! An excellent program for young children! Want to give us feed-back? Send us an email at: Bobbermail