The public comment period for the Table Rock Oversight Committee is now over. 

For more information please contact:

USACE, Little Rock District, Natural Resources Management Section
ATTN: Table Rock Lake SMP Planner
P.O. Box 867
Little Rock, AR 72203

Fax: (501) 324-5950 | Email: | Website:



Privacy Act Instructions

AUTHORITY: ER 1130-2-406, and the laws and regulations referenced therein.
PRINCIPAL PURPOSE(S): To provide a means for the maximum practicable public participation in Shoreline Management Plan formulation, preparation and subsequent revisions, through the use of public meetings, group workshops, open houses or other public involvement.
ROUTINE USE(S): Information you provide will be available for public review or may be disclosed to members of the Department of Defense or other Government agencies who have a need for the information in performance of their official duties, and where use of such information is compatible with the purpose for which the information is collected.
DISCLOSURE: Voluntary; however, failure to furnish the requested information may prevent the Agency from being able to direct meeting notices or provide additional information to commenters.