Arkansas Historic Flood Sign Initiative

High water signs in prominent community locations build local awareness of flood risk and encourage the public to be risk ready. The Corps of Engineers Silver Jackets program can help your community receive free signs for your community. 


We are looking for locations throughout the state of Arkansas to place signs, and provide information on historic flooding. These signs will serve as a physical reminder of a community's flood risk and history of flooding. 


  1. Identify an appropriate location for a sign in your community. Ideal locations are in public areas where known historic flood height information is available.
  2. Nominate your location using the attached sheet by identifying points of contact for the necessary information.
  3. Signs will be provided to the communities for installation - Signs are 18"x24" (aluminum or composite) with UV coating (similar to a typical road sign).
  4. Community will install the signs and provide a photograph to the project team.

Community Contact Information



Installation Contact (Who will install the signs)

Location Information

Sign Content

The sign will likely have two sections. One related to information on a historic flood, the other providing historic imagery and a link to more information.

Additional Information