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Hartman Levee Restoration Information

Background: The Lower Hartman Bottom Levee was damaged during the May/June 2019 Arkansas River Flood Event. This levee is USACE Federally Constructed and USACE Federally Operated. The Lower Hartman Bottom Levee is not part of the USACE Levee Rehabilitation and Inspection Program.

Damages to the levee include extensive damage to gravel road surface on levee, minor landside slope slides caused by seepage, and damage to drainage structures, including 1 - 6’X6’ and 1 - 5’X5’ box culverts with screw gate closures and 3-30” culverts with flap gates.

National Levee Database Information: https://levees.sec.usace.army.mil/#/levees/system/3705000012/summary

Current Action:  Flood Supplemental funding has been received to begin work on the Lower Hartman Bottom Levee repair project.  The purpose of this rehabilitation project is to repair this section of the levee system and the associated pump station to its authorized level of flood risk management.

Next Steps:

  1. Complete the Engineering and Design process.
  2. Advertise and award the levee repair construction contract.
  3. Repair the levee system to its authorized level of flood risk management.

Status Update

09 July 2021  - Repair of gates and construction of seepage berms and pits underway

09 January 2020 – Continue Engineering and Design work.

30 October 2019 – USACE scoping meeting, inspection planned.

28 October 2019 – Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 First Quarter Flood Supplemental funding received by USACE SWL.

17 June 2019 – An initial site damage assessment was completed by the USACE Little Rock District (SWL) team.  From this initial assessment, the team has determined that there were damages to the levee system that are eligible for repair.

Hartman Levee

Lower Hartman Bottoms Levee Map

Lower Hartman Bottom Levee Map