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Dardanelle Drainage District Restoration Information

Background: The Dardanelle Drainage District system was damaged during the May/June 2019 Arkansas River Flood Event. This levee system is non-federal flood-risk-management project. The levee is currently inactive in the USACE Public Law (PL) 84-99 Rehabilitation & Inspection Program and is ineligible for rehabilitation assistance. Dardanelle Drainage District levee is locally operated and maintained by the Dardanelle Drainage District.

National Levee Database Information: https://levees.sec.usace.army.mil/#/levees/system/3705000023/segments   

Rehabilitation & Inspection Program Eligibility Criteria. These criteria must be met for a flood-risk-management project to be eligible for rehabilitation assistance:

  • There must have been a verifiable flood event on the river basin(s) in your area during a defined flood season – these dates will vary by individual river basins. “Flooding” means that flows in the basin must have been unusually high or reached a level formally defined as flooding by the National Weather Service.
  • A non-federal flood-risk-management project must have been inspected, evaluated and accepted into the Levee Safety Program with a current “Active” status prior to the onset of the flood, and still be “Active,” based on the project’s latest Continuing Eligibility Inspection, at the time of the flood.
  • Rehabilitation assistance will be provided by USACE only when the work is economically justifiable, the damage was sustained during the recent flood event and the cost of repairs is more than $15,000.

If the project meets these criteria, the Emergency Management Office will request funds from USACE Headquarters to conduct a field investigation of the project. Once funding is received, the Emergency Management Office will schedule an inspection with the non-Federal sponsor to gather information which will evaluate the damage, estimate repair costs and determine if the work is economically justifiable.

Dardanelle Drainage District