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Conway County Levee Restoration Information

Background: The Conway County Levee District No. 6 system was damaged during the May/June 2019 Arkansas River Flood Event, leading to the Levee Sponsor submitting a Public Law (PL) 84-99 Rehabilitation Assistance request to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Little Rock District (SWL).  Conway County Levee is locally operated and maintained by the Conway County Levee District No. 6.

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Current Action:  Engineering and Design funding has been received to begin work on the Conway County levee repair project.  The purpose of this rehabilitation project is to repair the levee system to its authorized level of flood risk management.

Status Update

22 September 2020 - Contractor receives Notice to Proceed

18 September 2020 - Construction contract awarded to repair failed culvert

16 September 2020 - Construction easements obtained by Levee District

14 August 2020 - Contract Solicitation / Advertisement 

9 August 2020 - Cultural Resource Survey Complete

3 August 2020 - Real Estate Package to Sponsor

15 July 2020 - Design Plans Complete (BCOES Certification) 

22 April 2020 - Cultural resource survey field work underway.

16 March 2020 - Engineering and design work for final repair continues.

12 February 2020 - Cultural Resources survey ordered.

09 January 2020 – Completed emergency installation of temporary flap gate on the damaged culvert. The flap gate will prevent the Arkansas River waters from flowing through the culvert until the final levee repair is completed. The flap gate will allow for interior drainage into the river.  

07 January 2020 – Rights of Entry (ROE) obtained. E&D work continues.

07 January 2020 – Project Delivery Team (PDT) kickoff meeting conducted with design team members. E&D work is ongoing for rehabilitating the Conway County Levee District No. 6 system. The team is anticipating to be done with the E&D process by early 2020. Once E&D is completed, a construction contract will be negotiated to repair the system.

11 December 2019 – The cooperation agreement between SWL and the local sponsor was signed. Rights of entry are being obtained. E&D work continues.

9 December 2019 – Funding received for E&D and Construction.

04 December 2019 – The Project Information Report has been approved by the USACE Southwestern Division Commander. Engineering and Design (E&D) funding has been requested.  Once funding has been received, the USACE team will coordinate with the Levee Sponsor on the design of the overall levee repair project.

03 December 2019 – Levee Stakeholder Engagement Meeting held in Conway, AR. Meeting included local sponsor and affected farmers impacted by the flooding. The attendees were informed of the P.L. 84-99 process and updated on the status of the project. 

18 November 2019 – Project kickoff meeting with local sponsor – Conway County Levee District No. 6. Meeting conducted to review the rehabilitation process, cooperation agreement, cultural resource and real estate requirements.

12 July 2019 – An initial site damage assessment and economic analysis has been completed by the USACE Little Rock District (SWL) team.  From this initial assessment, the team has determined that there are damages to the levee system that are eligible for Public Law (PL) 84-99 Rehabilitation Assistance.

Conway County Levee District No. 6

Conway County Levee Map