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Posted 2/15/2013

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By Joe Harper

The Tumbling Shoals Swinging Bridge before the impoundment of Greers Ferry Lake crossed the Little Red River between what is now Old Highway 25 Park and Trouble Island in Dam Site Park.  This was the main bridge that you would take if you were headed North out of Heber Springs.  The bridge was called the 8th Wonder of the World by locals because as you approached the bridge from either side you would always see the other side of the bridge before you could see the side that you were entering.  Locals say this was mainly because of the downhill turns as you approached either side of the dam.

The Tumbling Shoals Bridge was one of three swinging bridges that crossed the Little Red prior to the impoundment of Greers Ferry Lake.  The other two bridges were the Winkley's Shoals and Miller's Swinging.

Greers Ferry Lake Heber Springs Tumbling Shoals Swinging Bridge