The Perfect Throw

Little Rock District - USACE
Published Aug. 2, 2023
woman posing in front of a lake

Greers Ferry Lake Park Ranger, Sarah Wyatt with a rescue stick. Her perfect throw with this water safety device saved the lives of two young men swimming over 4th of July weekend.

The Perfect Throw

By Jay Townsend

We often think about sports icons when we think of the “the perfect throw.” We think of a quarterback in the Super Bowl that threads the needle for the final touchdown to win the game, or the pitcher that slings the final strike to close out a perfect game. Undoubtedly, these are incredible moments. These moments take years of practice and sweat equity from the athletes before they’re in a position to make “the perfect throw.” However, there are moments in life where the perfect throw doesn’t happen on the field. It happens in the split seconds between life and death. This is that story…

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