International Shake Out Day

Little Rock District - USACE
Published Oct. 20, 2022
map of the central US with an animated ring showing the area impacted by an earthquake in the region shown by the map

An animated graphic showing a simulated 7.7 magnitude earthquake in the New Madrid seismic zone.

The Great Central Shake Out

October 20 is international ShakeOut Day.

Every third week in October, millions of people across the globe participate in earthquake preparedness drills.

While the Little Rock District is better known for its place in Tornado Alley, what many don't realize is that the district lives inside the New Madrid seismic zone


While most of us naturally think of California when we think about earthquakes, the U.S. Geological Survey recognizes that seismic hazards are possible throughout the United States. In fact, the New Madrid seismic zone is the most seismically active zone East of the Rocky Mountains. Since 2014 there have been a significant increase in the number of small and moderate earthquakes throughout northeastern Arkansas, southwestern Kentucky, southeastern Missouri, and northwestern Tennessee.

Would you and your family know what to do if an earthquake struck right now? 



A great way to increase awareness of the threat and include a regular earthquake drill as part of your family, business, or community action plans. You can find full earthquake response manuals, infographics, and other useful information at The Great Central ShakeOut page. 

For tips on the items you should have in your emergency kit

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For more information and to see how you can participate in International ShakeOut Day

For tips on the items you should have in your emergency kit

For more information on the 1811 and 1812 earthquakes