National Hydropower Day

Little Rock District
Published Aug. 24, 2020
hydropower generation at Norfork Dam in the White River Basin

Hydropower generation is an understated thing. Mostly seen as a rush of water from the turbines inside the powerhouse, there is none of the dramatic effect during a hydropower release like there is when a dam is releasing water from the spillway.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is the largest owner-operator of hydroelectric power plants in the United States. With 75 active hydro power plants and more than 300 power units in operation, USACE generates 25 percent of the nation's hydroelectric power, and represents nearly 3 percent of the nation's overall electric-generating capacity.

For more than 136 years, hydropower has provided the United States with clean, reliable energy. In a time when so many are advocating for renewable resources, it's easy to forget that hydropower has been one of the most stable, and resilient sources of renewable power for decades.

Here in the Little Rock District, we have seven hydropower generating projects capable of producing 1,250 megawatts of power. Our dams and power plant operations provide hundreds of millions of dollars in value to the nation and help provide low-cost, renewable energy to consumers all over the United States.